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Aushin Pty Ltd is a premium seafood importer and distributor based in Sydney Australia. Established in 2004 as a privately owned business, we have become one of Australia’s main importers of prawn, fish, crabs, cephalopods, seafood dim-sim and surimi-based products.


We proudly distribute premium quality seafood at affordable prices to restaurants, fish shops, seafood market, supermarkets and other commercial businesses all around the country, including daily deliveries around the Sydney area with our temperature controlled trucks.

Our imports of top quality seafood are sourced from world famous suppliers from countries including Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, the Middle East, United States and Australia.

We employ the certified Food Safety Program at our storage warehouse and our distributing facilities to ensure our seafood is both safe and of premium, unchallenged quality, each and every time.

Our aim is to help expand the niche seafood market in this country by giving all seafood lovers a chance to enjoy premium quality seafood at affordable prices.

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